Grant started off the show talking about the Monday Night Football game last night and the first start of the season for Josh Freeman and how he looked. He talked about how he played and what he thinks of head coach Leslie Frazier leaving him in the game.

Later on, Grant talked about the Kings starting lineup and what he thinks about what will happen with the team as far as how many wins and losses they will have at the end of the year. He also touched on DeMarcus Cousins and his development so far. Some of the callers called in and talked about being intimidated by him.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo called into the show and talked to Grant about the Kings, DeMarcus Cousins and how the team will be. Later on they talked about each other’s fathers and went over old stories about each other while talking about the Giants, the Kings and other sports going on right now.

Michael Malone called into the show later and talked about the Kings potential and what he expects going forward this year. He touched on briefly who the starting lineup may be and his thoughts on the team going forward.

Grant’s Rant followed where he talked about the opening night game and how it’s still not sold out and asked the fans to get involved and buy the remaining tickets to get the game officially sold out.

Toward the end of the show Nico Rust, husband of King’s super-fan “sign lady” called in to talk about his wife, Barbara Rust and her fight with breast cancer. He talked about how much support she’s been receiving as well as how she’s doing right now. He talked about what the fans can do if they want to support her and talked about what goes into making the signs as well.

Grant ended the show taking calls about the King opening night and what they expect from the team going forward as well as talking about meetings with fans in the past and him communicating with people all over the world.


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