Grant kicked off the show by talking about the Kings opener tomorrow. He touched on the saga that’s been going on over the last few years. He also talked about some of the people who reported locally on the arena and those in the national media and the differences between the two.

Later on Grant asked the listeners to call in and discuss their surprise team this year and what they think the win-loss record of the team will be this year.

Grant’s Rant came on later addressing the Seattle Seahawks’ receiver Golden Tate waving “bye-bye” to the defender and Grant addressing that he didn’t like it.

Throughout the show Grant had listeners call in and talk about what this upcoming game means to them. He told listeners to call in and explain what their thoughts were and explain all of the emotions they’ve felt over the years.
A little bit later Vic Tafur, sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, called into the show and talked about teams in and around the bay area. In particular he talked about Terrelle Pryor and what he thinks about his play so far and what to expect going forward.

Later on, Matt Snyder, baseball writer for CBS Sports, talked about the World Series game last night and what he expects going forward. Grant and Matt talked about St. Louis starting Michael Wacha pitching tomorrow and how well he’s done this postseason and what he thinks will happen in the next game.

Toward the end of the show Michael Malone, head coach of the Sacramento Kings, called in and talked about the Kings expectations and what he thinks of the team so far. Malone also talked about his father, Brendan Malone, deciding to resign from his position with the team. Toward the end he talked about players like DeMarcus Cousins and what he thinks of how he’s been progressing.


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