Mexican Drug Cartels Extending Violent Reach Into Calaveras County Rancher’s Property (page 2)

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 “I’ve got six grows on my property,” he said.

He’s uncovered thousands of pot plants worth millions of dollars. He believes someone’s been working undetected on his land for at least a couple of years.

“I feel that it might slow down a bit, but I don’t think it’s ever going to go away,” James said.

An undercover Calaveras County drug enforcement sergeant says they’ve cleared more than 50,000 plants in the past year with an estimated street value of more than $50 million.

It’s a level of organized crime in numbers they can’t keep up with.

“The persons we arrest generally have no information as to who the actual person is behind the growing operation,” he said.

They say they’re finding grows operated by the cartel all over Northern California. When growers are forced out of one property,they just simply move on to someone else’s.

In some cases they return.

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