Grant started off the show talking about the Kings lineup and what he thinks about how the team is playing so far and what he think about the team going forward. Later on Grant talked about the Green Bay Packers and what it means that Aaron Rodgers is out for a few weeks after suffering an injury last night. Grant’s Rant was later on and he talked about Kings fans calling in and complaining about the team and telling them to hold off with the criticism until more game have been played.

The Miami Dolphins and the situation involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito was brought up later in the show and the callers and Grant talked about the culture of bullying vs. hazing and their thoughts about what they think went on and what they think of the situation. Later on Jason Ross came in to take over for Grant and continued the conversation about the Kings and specifically Jimmer Fredette.

Scott Hastings, Denver Nuggets Analyst, called in and talked about his thoughts on how the Kings look so far as well as the situation going on right now in Denver involving the Broncos. Hastings talked about what he thought about Jack Del Rio taking over for John Fox and whether or not it will make a difference with the team.

Lincoln Kennedy, radio broadcaster for the Oakland Raiders called in and talked about both the Oakland Raiders current situation and the situation in Miami with bullying and what he thinks of the situation and what he thinks went on and what should have happened.


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