SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Despite being pink, some people are seeing red over the name of a lipstick sold at Sephora.

The name of this lipstick is Celebutard. After considerable backlash, Sephora has promised to pull the product and apologized. But tonight, I went to a local Sephora and found it’s still on the shelves.

Sephora’s lipstick line by Kat Von D features racy names like Backstage Bambi, Underage Red and Lolita.

But Celebutard — we think you can probably figure out what it means – went one shade too far.

“I think it’s a bad business move. A lot of people will be offended by it,” said Sephora customer Neijahna Robinson.

Critics say the name makes light of people with disabilities.

One furious ex-customer tweeted this at the company:

Another tweet was aimed at Kat Von D:

“If I do have a friend that has a disability, it would because it’s like, why wear it or why would they say it about that person?” said Robinson.

The backlash grew so loud that Sephora apologized, pulling Celebutard off store shelves — or so we were made to think by this email sent by the company.

“It has come to our attention that the name of one shade of a lipstick we carry has caused offense to some of our clients and others. We are deeply sorry for that, and we have ceased sale of that shade both in our stores and online,” according to a Sephora company statement.

But at the Sephora in Arden Fair Mall it was still for sale. When we asked the manager about why it was there, she said she hadn’t been told by corporate to take it down.

Nick: “It looks like you still have it here now, but you’re saying you haven’t heard anything about that.”

Manager: “Are you videotaping right now?”

Nick: “Yeah, we are.”

Manager: “OK. Hold on please,”

The manager refused to answer our questions about the banned lipstick that at least in one Sephora store remained on the shelves.

We followed up with a corporate spokesperson about why it was still being sold and have yet to hear back.


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