By Cambi Brown

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Filipino community in Sacramento is doing what it can to help victims of the typhoon by organizing relief efforts.

Because communication is down in many parts of the devastated areas, Filipino community leaders are watching the shocking images on TV. It’s their only guide for what is going on overseas. So, they are getting together this week to make fundraising plans.

Pictures show survivors wading through rubble in flooded streets. Small children are huddled together, some crying amidst the chaos.

“It’s emergency. We need to act,” said Filipino Community of Sacramento President Eida Ezurin.

Ezurin is organizing different Filipino groups across the region to help make the biggest impact.

“Now the Filipino community needs to help out their loved ones there,” she said.

The concern right now is for shelter because so many have lost their homes.

“I know the houses there aren’t that strong,” said said Margarita Pasalo, treasurer for the Filipino Community of Sacramento.

Pasalo has been watching Filipino TV and says from the first images she knew she wanted to help.

“We’re gonna do the donations through the Lyons Club,” she said.

The Red Cross is already on the ground. They deployed people to the Philippines early in anticipation of the storm.

“Resources are plentiful,” said Heath Wakelee, Red Cross.

Once it’s determined safe for them to go into Tacloban, volunteers are ready.

“Rescue assistance and providing limited food and shelter for them,” said Wakelee.

Local organizations say it’s difficult to send items overseas during a time of crisis. So, raising money is their only option right now.

The Red Cross says they can help people get in touch with displaced family members once communication is back up. People can register and then, as soon as possible, find out where their loved ones are.

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