SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Thousands of miles from the devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan, family members in California are worried about those caught in the wake of the powerful storm.

Joe Carreon says he spoke to his younger and brothers the night the typhoon hit.

“I was happy to hear they were in good shape,” he said.

Carreon says they were all able to escape safely to the south end of the island.

“That evening, all of my family members were there in the house that we own, and fortunately nothing really happened,” he said.

While the home was spared, Lilia Rivera points to the Philippine Islands hit the hardest. She says thousands people in the Sacramento and Stockton areas still have family in those regions.

“Filipinos, not just in Sacramento, but all over the worlds, are desperately trying to find out how their relatives fared,” said Rivera.

With the devastation so widespread, Filipino communities are joining together to help relatives across the Pacific Ocean.

“We in Sacramento should be supplementing these things,” she said. “We are looking long-term, like clothing and raise funds. It is very important.”

That includes helping Filipinos relocated, build new homes, and rebuild schools that were destroyed by the typhoon.

A meeting will be held on Thursday by local Filipino organizations. There are also plans to hold a telethon to raise money, as well as set up a donation drive, so that they can send supplies.


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