Grant started off the show talking out bout the Kings game last night and how the team played. Grant talked about Greivis Vasquez and his game last night and how well both he and Marcus Thornton did last night and what he thinks about the team going forward.

Grant’s rant talked about Matt Barnes and the situation last night and not only the tweet that he sent regarding both his teammates and the specific words that he used in his tweets that he has since deleted.

Sacramento Kings guard Marcus Thornton came on The Grant Napear Show to talk about the game last night and how the team played against the Brooklyn Nets. Thornton also talked about his relationship with coach Michael Malone and the changes to the starting lineup that was made last night as well as the flow of the game and what he expects from the team going forward.

Later on Thornton talked about the fans and the environment in the arena and what its been like over the past few games and what to expect from the Detroit Pistons and players such as Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings.

Sports Betting Analyst Brandon Lang came on later on and talked about this weekend’s NFL games including tonight’s game with the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts. Lang talked about the Green Bay Packers and the situation that they’re in with their backup quarterbacks. Lang also talked about the supposed momentum that the Philadelphia Eagles have over the last few weeks and what he thinks it means going forward as well as the game this weekend between the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Later, Pro Football Hall of Fame Writer Adam Caplan came on and talked about the Philadelphia Eagles and the way they’ve played this year on the road in recent weeks and also about the Dallas Cowboys and how they’re going to deal with the loss of Sean Lee.

Caplan also talked about the San Francisco 49ers and how their defense as well as Colin Kaepernick has played over the last year and how it’s not the same as it was last year as well as how they’re dealing with the recent injury to Vernon Davis.


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