ELK GROVE (CBS13) – The Filipino community in the greater Sacramento area rallied together to send much-needed supplies to their home country following Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Nearly 7,000 miles away there’s an outpouring of compassion for the Philippines.

“I cry. I feel bad. I feel sad. So we’re doing whatever we can here,” said Evangeline Alcantara.

Filipinos in the Sacramento area are turning that helpless feeling and grief into support.

“They’ve been starving. They’ve been out of help for how many days?” said Alcantara.

Alcantara, who grew up in the Philippines, says her mother’s friend’s family members are still missing. So they’ve showed up to nearly every single fundraiser giving whatever they can.

“She said it’s important, because it’s our countrymen,” Alcantara said.

The organizers of Saturday’s fundraiser outside the Elk Grove California Family Fitness got traditional Filipino food donated by local restaurants.

“It was really last minute. So we’re really glad for everything that we got,” said organizer Ashley Cladaw.

Most of the volunteers are Filipino, and watching their home country leveled has crushed them.

“They have nothing right now. They’ve been torn away from their homes,” said Cladaw.

“It hurts. It affects them. They can’t live normally. It’s gonna take a long time to recover,” said organizer Toni Marie-Lopez.

So toothbrushes, blankets, and even cans of soup can provide some relief for people who are left with nothing.

“They need help. They need food. The basic needs in life,” said Erica Hall Maxwell.

A company has offered to deliver all of the donations for free, and the cash will go to the American Red Cross.

The Filipino-Americans of Elk Grove group say there will be a walk fundraiser Sunday for typhoon victims.

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