Grant kicked off the show today talking about the San Francisco 49ers hit that Ahmad Brooks put on Drew Brees and the controversy that it not only got that day but the amount of attention that it continues to get and Grant’s feelings about the hit and what it means.

The following conversation dealt with the controversy surrounding the Monday Night Football game with the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers and the end of the game no call that was made regarding Rob Gronkowski. Grant talked about the call and what he thought of it and what he thinks should change.
Grant’s Rant talked about the penalties and the officiating in the NFL and how its really hard to figure out what a penalty is and isn’t. He talks about how he feels that the NFL has gone overboard and nobody, the defensive players included, doesn’t know what a penalty is and how he feels that the NFL needs to get a grip on it and they need to find a better way to officiate the game.

The Sacramento Kings and the season so far was also talked about and what Grant thinks of the team as well as what he thinks may happen with the players as far as the starting lineup is concerned.


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