DAVIS (CBS13) — Some workers striking at UC Davis Medical Center crossed picket lines on Wednesday to help a patient who was having heart problems.

The move was part of an agreement both sides had worked out before Wednesday’s strike, where 21,000 union members walked picket lines on Wednesday at five centers statewide, including at UC Davis.

“We also have the patient protection task force in place, which gives a direct line of communication between the medical centers and what’s happening here on the line. And if any situation do arise those patients are cared for,” said union spokesman Eric Sanchez.

Earlier in the day, UC hospital administrators were showered with a chorus of boos while making their way past striking union workers. One person even stopped to take a bow.

There appears to be some cooperation between both side, but what about the issues that got them here?

“They have bargaining,” said Chief Nursing Officer Carol Robinson. “They have sessions scheduled.”

Union members say they’re going to end their strike around at around 7 p.m. on Wednesday, and then it’s back to work.

UC Police were also present during the strike, but the action stayed peaceful and no one was arrested.


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