Grant started the show off talking about his trip to Los Angeles and the game that the Kings have with both the Clippers and Lakers this weekend and what he expects from the team as well as talking about the San Francisco 49ers and the game with the Washington Redskins this Monday.

Later on, Grant talks to Lakers announcer Bill MacDonald about the Kings vs. Lakers, Kobe Bryant and his possible return and even the traffic in Los Angeles while also talking about lowered expectations for Laker fans this year.

Grant’s rant discussed the Dallas Cowboys and the latest regarding Jerry Jones talking about how well he believes he’s done over the last few years even though the team is 5-5 and is second to last in total defense. Grant talks about his displeasure with the comments and what it means for the Cowboys over the next few years.

Grant also talked to former quarterback, and current CBS football analyst Steve Beuerlein about the NFL and what he thinks of the recent penalties with Ahmad Brooks and his perspective coming from a former quarterback.

Brandon Lang of came on the show to talk about this weekend’s games in both the NFL and college football and what he thinks are good match-ups to take as well as who the public should stay away

Finally, Grant had both Joe Davidson and Mike Lamb on to talk about the Causeway Classic this weekend and what they think about the game. Lamb also talked about high school football and the dangers that go with playing the sport and what he thinks about the game today and how it’s played.


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