CBS13 Interviewed Sikh Shooting Suspect Before 2008 Homicide

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A shooting suspect arrested on Monday, accused of a 2008 shooting at a Sikh Society Center that killed a man spoke to CBS13 before the shooting.

Amandeep Singh Dhami is accused of killing a man and critically wounding another at a sports festival in 2008. One of the shooters was caught by spectators at the time, but Dhami vanished, until recently.

An 8,000-mile manhunt that began with that 2008 shooting in Sacramento, possibly moved to Canada, and ended five years later in India.

Dhami, living under an assumed name, was arrested by Indian authorities recently.

In 2008, CBS13’s Ron Jones caught up with Dhami when his father Balbir Singh Dhami was accused of trafficking cocaine.

During the interview, Amandeep denied his father’s involvement in the trafficking months before the shooting at the sports festival.

“It’s something he’s against, and wouldn’t recommend anyone else to do something like that,” he said in the 2008 interview.

Balbir was later found guilty of the trafficking charges. Before his sentencing, a gunman came to the home and murdered him. His wife was shot, but survived.

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