ROCKLIN (CBS13) — It’s literally the foundation of Rocklin, and now there are plans to use its past to transform mining.

It’s called Rocklin for good reason—the city is rooted in mining.

The city of Rocklin hopes to redevelop a key part of their city as well as bring in some new tourists, and they have some big plans on how to do just that.

Plans that would transform two quarries—one is filled with natural spring water, the other is home for wildlife. But that could soon change.

“We think it is a unique asset for Rocklin, and we want to make sure it is open to the public,” said city economic growth manager Karen Garner.

The quarries are now fenced off, but may soon become a recreation hotspot with zip lining, rock climbing, trails, and even an amphitheater.

On the land around the quarries, a private developer could build a restaurant and other retail shops to offset the costs to build the new park.

But developer Brian Grant worries the price tag may be too high to get it done.

“Not in today’s economy,” he said. “You really have to get creative.”

The city is exploring how much it would cost to build. And even if the economics work out, getting those who live in Rocklin to buy in may not be an easy sell.

“I’ve been in Rocklin since the 1980s, and I don’t want to see it change,” said resident Carolyn Walker. “We love our quarries.”


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