ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville couple is accused of peddling drugs out of their home and hiding some of their stash in their child’s bedroom.

In a well-kept neighborhood, filled with holiday cheer, police say Philip and Murissa Ching were dealing drugs right out of their home.

Cops say they found meth, evidence of marijuana sales, and cocaine hiding in a child’s bedroom during a probation search.

The couple was arrested, along with two other adults, while their two children were taken into Child Protective Services custody.

“Our concern is for the kids,” said neighbor Darcey Mann. “They go to school with our kids, and feel bad about that.”

Most neighbors say the couple kept to themselves. One even described them as “standoffish.”

But there was one who said she often wondered what was happening behind closed doors. She refused to go on camera, but said there were always cars coming and going from the house in the otherwise quiet neighborhood.


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