The Grant Napear Show kicked off talking about the trade of Rudy Gay going from the Toronto Raptors to the Sacramento Kings. Grant talked about the productivity that Gay can give the Kings as well as how he likes the fact that the Kings are making moves and not waiting around for the draft. Grant talked about the players that were traded away from Sacramento and opened the phone lines so the listeners can give their opinions about what they think of the trade.

Grant’s Rant discussed the situation with the Washington Redskins and everything that is going on with the coach, Mike Shanahan. Grant talks about how Shanahan hasn’t named a starter yet at quarterback and wonders why he would do something like that to Robert Griffin III.

Later on Grant had Matt Devlin, broadcaster for the Toronto Raptors, on the show and talked to him about thethree players coming to Sacramento as well as what to expect from the players the Kings sent to Toronto. Grant talked about Rudy Gay and what he can potentially bring to the team as well as what he was as a player in both Memphis and Toronto.

Grant also talked to Pete D’Alessandro, GM of the Kings, to talk about the trade as well as what his mindset was making this trade as well as what may happen later on. Grant talked to Pete about the team’s new look and who may get more playing time because of the move.


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