Jason Ross filled in today on the Grant Napear Show today and kicked off the show talking about the Kings game last night and what happened. Ross talked about being up by two points in the fourth quarter and losing by a total of seventeen points at the end of the game. Ross opened up the phone lines to the callers to talk about what they thought and what they need to do in order to keep the momentum going throughout the entire game. Ross talked about the starting rotation and the people who are playing the majority of the moments and the people that have arrived in trades recently.

Later on Coach Michael Malone called in and talked about the game last night and discussed what he thought about the effort of the team and how to move on past this but to also use it as a way to help teach his players. Coach also talked about the teams coming up including the Miami Heat and what they need to do in order to make sure they’re ready for them.

Grant’s Rant came on later and Grant discussed his displeasure with the holiday season and what he has to hear every year.

Chris Petersen was also on the show talking about why he left Boise State and why he left to go to the University of Washington.

Toward the end of the show Brandon Lang called in and talked about what teams he thinks will perform well this weekend in the NFL and who are the teams to stay away from.


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