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Former Tracy Elementary School Teacher Pleads Guilty To 4 Counts Of Molesting Students

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Credit: Darrel Golden

Credit: Darrel Golden

TRACY (CBS13) – Darrel Golden, 59, who was a second and fourth grade teacher at Traina Elementary School in Tracy pled guilty to four counts of molestation Friday. He could spend up to 14 years behind bars.

“The type of touching we were looking at in this case is for the most part…outside-the-clothes touching,” said prosecutor Elton Grau.

Prosecutors say there are at least 14 victims, but going to trial would mean traumatizing the kids again by forcing them to testify against their teacher turned abuser.

“If you are a parent you want him placed in prison for the rest of his life. As a prosecutor…considering that it is a hard process for a child to testify,” said Grau.

The molestation allegations only surfaced after a janitor saw Golden touching one of his young students. A similar incident happened before, but the former principal who was told about it never called police — even after a second grader told the principal Golden molested her.

“It’s terrible what this principal did. She didn’t contact law enforcement. She processed her own investigation. These are all incorrect ways of doing it,” said Grau.

The principal will never face any criminal charges. The statute of limitations has run out, but not for Golden who’ll be in his 70s before he’s likely first eligible for parole.

Golden’s sentencing hearing will take place on February 21.

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