LATHROP (CBS13) – For the first time, OSHA is giving the green light to a zip line.

“Now it has a rubber stamp from the state, so I guess we’re safer,” said Susan, a Dell’Osso Farms co-owner.

Now a massive zip line in Lathrop has become the first in the state to pass OSHA’s safety standards.

The rush of flying through the air is a rush hundreds of people a day are after at Dell’Osso.

“It’s a thrill to step off a three-story building and go zipping into the air,” said Susan.

Three stories – 33 feet up – is where you’ll be once you make it to the top of the steps.

It’s been a smooth flow of flying at Dell’Osso until recently when OSHA stepped in and the ride came to a halt.

Between September and December this long-standing zip line was under the watchful eye of safety experts.

This 400-acre, five-generation pumpkin farm is known for its massive pumpkin patch and seasonal tubing down a snow-covered hill. They usually open for the Christmas holiday on December 7, but couldn’t open the zip lines until a week later because they were waiting for OSHA-approved harnesses.

“The biggest difference is we used to just have a seat harness, so there was basically nothing above the waist,” said Susan.

The old harnesses were always reliable. In fact, they’ve never had any problems in the five years since the zip line opened.

“I’m not sure why we made this change, but it was a new regulation, so we complied with it,” said Susan.

What OSHA says, most businesses do.

Dell’Osso now has bragging rights of being the first to follow the rules. But for some kids, dropping off a ledge can still be frightening — new harness or not.

The zip line and snow tubing on the hill says open until January 4.

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