It’s almost 2014, which means it’s the perfect time to look back at 2013. We’ve been doing just that lately with our Top 10 posts for each month. Now it’s time to take the whole year by the horns and look back at the Top 100 stories on

Here’s the schedule for today:

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25. Merced Police Policy Of Taking Injured Animals To Shooting Range Comes Under Fire
The penal code has been on the books for decades. Some officers say it’s the most humane thing you can do, while others call it barbaric.

24. California Wants Small-Business Owners To Pay Back $120 Million In Tax Breaks
Small-business investors in California were promised big breaks five years ago, but now they’re being told to pay up, instead after a court ruling. After following the law, many of them are getting hit with tax bills as high as $250,000.

23. Vallejo Man Arrested For Painting His Own Crosswalk
A Vallejo man took his concerns about pedestrian safety into his own hands by painting his own crosswalk, much to the chagrin of Vallejo Police.

22. Rally Held At Roseville Galleria To Support Gay Couple Kicked Out For Showing Affection
Hundreds of gay rights activists showed up for the peaceful protest that started with a kiss, but is now gaining national attention.

21. Serial Tree Killer Chopping Cedars in El Dorado County
An El Dorado County resident has taken extreme measures against the person cutting down cedar trees including placing boobie traps and hidden cameras nearby.

20. Teen Suspect Arrested In Rape, Beating Of 64-Year-Old Sacramento Woman
An arrest was made months after a woman in her 60s was attacked and raped. The suspect is only 15 years old.

19. El Dorado Sheriff’s Fight With Feds Likely Over Residents Carrying Guns
The fight that has the El Dorado County sheriff planning to revoke a federal agency’s enforcement power in his county is apparently over residents’ rights to carry guns.

18. Armor-Clad Mayor Asks City: ‘Who’s Willing To Fight For Stockton?’
It’s not exactly how you expect a state of the city address to go, a mayor pulling out his own warrior gear to make his point.

17. Stockton Thieves Foiled When Employee Hides Getaway Car
While the two men were inside robbing the cashier, another Burger King employee sneaked out the back. He noticed the suspects’ getaway car running, so he hopped in.

16. Lodi Police Officer Shot When Child Pulled Trigger On His Gun At Reading Event
A Lodi Police SWAT officer had a Glock 35 with a flashlight in his thigh holster at a children’s reading event when a boy managed to pull the trigger and shoot the officer.

15. Perverted Prank: Photo of Naked Sixth-Grader Passed Around At School
The Twin Rivers School District confirmed that a naked photo of a sixth-grader had been sent electronically to some students. This week, other students passed it around.

14. Google’s Role In Woodland Child Pornography Arrest Raises Privacy Concerns
Federal investigators arrested a Woodland man on child pornography charges after Google found images on his computer.

13. Nevada County Church Ordered To Remove “Support Our Troops” Sign
A church is in a clash with Nevada County after being told to take down a sign with an American flag and a message to support the troops.

12. Shoppers Stock Up On Rifles, Shotguns Before California Long Gun Registry Begins
Even though the law is at least temporarily boosting his bottom line, Just Guns owner John Deaser isn’t a fan. He says requiring people to register their rifles and shotguns is an unnecessary invasion of privacy.

11. Air Canada Loses Woman’s Dog, Spokesman Dismisses Inquiries In Accidental Email
Air Canada admits it lost a customer’s precious cargo when one of its workers let a dog out of its crate, and it escaped. CBS13 reached out to the airline about its pet policy, and we got a response we never expected.


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