SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A paraplegic woman is trying to find a new home for her dog after an allegedy rapist forced her out of her home.

Deputies say about two weeks ago, Abraham Arroyo broke into her apartment on Power Inn Road and sexually assaulted her. Paralyzed from the waist down, she couldn’t fight back.

Arroyo was on the run for about a week before he was caught. His Tuesday hearing was continued.

Concerned for her safety, her brother, Jesus, moved her and her two dogs into their modest home with his family.

There’s little room at her brother’s home, as his family has dogs too. To make room, she’s agreed to give up her longtime companion, a terrier mix named Gus Gus.

“I feel like I’ve given up my home, my life, and now my dog,” she said.

She doesn’t want him in a shelter, concerned he may not be adopted. Instead, she’s hoping someone will step up and take in Gus Gus.

As she deals with criminal proceedings, she needs to know Gus Gus is settled—the sooner, the better.

“The longer he says with me, the harder it becomes on me to let him go,” she said.



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