SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Dr. Allan Hassan has practiced medicine for more than 40 years, but now the Sacramento doctor could lose his license because he says he’s being targeted by the state medical board.

“Some reason or another I’m some kind of threat,” said Hassan.

He claims the Medical Board of California has gone after him since the 1970s.

“I think that they’re after me because my compassion for the poor,” Hassan said.

Most recently, the medical board is asking to suspend or take away the doctor’s license after he allegedly over-prescribed medication to four patients. This includes giving painkillers to a patient he “was aware was on heroin.”

When questioned about why Hassan had given them the drugs, he claimed “he had such poor records on this patient because his computer had been stolen.”

“I think I’m a very compassionate doctor. I’ve never missed a diagnosis. I’ve never had a lawsuit,” said Hassan.

Hassan received his medical license in 1968. Soon after, he claims the state medical board put a letter in his file that eventually made it to Homeland Security, and landed him on the terror watch list.

Hassan says the board discriminated against him because of his compassion for the poor and his name.

“They have me born in Baghdad. They have me the half brother of Saddam Hussein,” he said.

The doctor gave us a document he says shows he’s flagged as Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan — the real half-brother of Hussein.

“Because my name was Al Hassan, they had me identified as the biggest terrorist in the area,” said Hassan.

“It’s hate; it’s prejudice,” said Labib Farid Doumit.

The long-time, former patient of Hassan insists he’s a good doctor, and there’s no evidence to prove otherwise.

“He is a wonderful doctor. He takes care of the poor,” said Doumit.

Hassan says he’s suing the medical board for the letter he claims got him on the terrorism list. He claims the lawsuit is only making the board want to continue to go after him.

By the time Hassan wanted to speak with CBS13, it was too late to confirm with Homeland Security whether or not Hassan is on the terrorism list.

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  1. patti says:

    Do not believe he could be a terrorist. He was our family physician for years. He is a good doctor and a kind person.

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