SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A car has crashed into a fence near another home near Roseville Road and Gold Run Avenue, and the county still won’t talk with CBS13 on camera about the troubled intersection.

Jaylene Higgins says a driver hit her fence the day after Christmas. Pictures show the damage, and a California Highway Patrol report confirms an uninsured BMW driver took an unsafe turn off Roseville Road and did the damage.

Higgins has lived at her home for 20 years and says the accident is nothing new. She says one happens almost every month at Roseville Road and Gold Run Avenue.

“Whether it’s an accident involving the fence, or the house, or just an accident in the intersection,” she said.

Her neighbor Chad Bradley can tell you all about it. CBS13 spoke with Bradley last month when he showed us how four cars have crashed through his fence in the last 14 months. He’s since put up cement barriers to try and protect his family.

 Both Chad and Jaylene blame the crashes on speeding drivers. While the speed limit on that stretch of Roseville Road is 45, they think people are going faster and can’t make the turn.

“I would like for someone to investigate and at least get to do something about it,” she said.

The neighbors believes a stop light or even a stop sign would help.

Just like when CBS13 talked to Bradley last month, we took this latest accident to the Sacramento County Transportation Department, who again refused to answer our questions on camera.

Instead, they offered this written statement: “Investigation and review of collisions at this location is continuing. In addition, if another collision occurred at this location on 12/26, we will need to get the accident report from CHP to include in our review.”

That’s not enough for Higgins, who had to file a claim with her homeowner’s insurance to cover the damage caused by the uninsured driver.

“We’re kind of like sitting ducks here, because you never know when someone’s going to come around that corner and go through the fence,” she said.


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