SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento mother spoke publicly for the first time Sunday since her 5-year-old daughter likely hanged herself accidentally.

“I just miss her so much, because I see her — I see her everywhere I go,” said Janet Lee.

Her daughter died exactly one week ago. On Sunday she joined family, friends and strangers who were raising money to bury 5-year-old Krista Nichols.

“It’s been hard but we have people that are very supportive,” said Lee. “It’s just hard not to see her everywhere I go. I just picture her holding me.”

Lee says everything reminds her of Nichols, including the car wash that her friends and strangers put together to raise money for the 5-year-old’s funeral.

“I’m just thinking about her because, I know if she was here, she would be helping us right now,” said Lee. “She’s so helpful.”

Nichols’ grandmother Moang Saelee spoke with CBS13 just one day after Nichols’ death.

Saelee says Nichols somehow got herself caught up in a rope meant for potted plants. The little girl was found hanging from her living room ceiling.

Sacramento police believe Nichols’ death is likely accidental and are waiting for the coroner’s report to close the case.

“She’s a great kid, and it’s just a tragic loss,” a friend said.

For Lee, accepting her daughter is gone and how it happened is too difficult, knowing she’ll never again hear Nichols’ sweet words.

” ‘Mommy, I love you. You make my heart go boom boom.’ That’s our signature thing,” said Lee. “We always say that to each other and I just, I miss her so much.”

Police say the case will be closed as long as the coroner’s report is consistent with the facts they have.

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