STOCKTON (CBS13) – A 10-year-old Stockton boy begged an officer to save his life after his stepfather allegedly stabbed him.

Other family members witness the attack and called 911.

The boy is recovering at UC Davis Medical Center from several stab wounds all over his body.

“The boy clinched on to the officer’s uniform, looked into his eyes, and said ‘please don’t let me die,’ ” said Officer Joe Silva.

Lope Charvet, 53, is accused of repeatedly stabbing his 10-year-old stepson before turning the knife on himself.

“I have a 9-year-old and a 10-year-old and I couldn’t imagine hitting them — let alone — than stabbing them. Just doesn’t make any sense to me,” a neighbor said.

Stockton police officers showed up to the gated community around 10 p.m. Saturday and found a gruesome scene inside the home off Autumn Chase Way. There was blood everywhere and a young boy pleading to officers to help him.

“It was quite disturbing,” said Silva.

The scene was too dangerous for medics to go inside, because Charvet had allegedly barricaded himself in a bedroom with a knife. So, police say, Officer Anthony Perry took it upon himself to carry the boy out to them.

“The boy was going in and out of consciousness, and when the officer got to the medics, passed off the boy, the boy woke up and said ‘thank you’ to the officer,” said Silva.

Officers eventually forced their way into the bedroom and found Charvet with several self inflicted stab wounds.

“We don’t know if he was under the influence of anything, or if there was something going on and he just lost control,” said Silva. “That’s what we are still trying to piece together.”

Neighbors are also baffled as to what would lead a man to stab his young stepson multiple times in the usually quiet neighborhood.

“It was just shocking for everybody in the community — too close to home,” said the neighbor. “We are just praying the little boy gets better.”

Charvet also went to the hospital for minor injuries and is now behind bars at San Joaquin County Jail.

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