Jeanine Swatton works as an engineer/software product manager at AVer Information Inc. and teaches iOS development at UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley. She has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

(Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Swatton)

(Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Swatton)

What importance does a degree play in your life?

“Overall, it is a confidence builder. When I start doubting my abilities, I think about how I put myself through graduate school and excelled in the computer science courses.”

What do you think the future of technology is for Sacramento?

“There are more software engineering jobs and not enough people to fill them. Due to the great location and lower property cost, Sacramento has potential for more startups to set up shop. For every engineer, there are at least two jobs available.”

Can you offer any advice to graduating students or job seekers?

“Be honest. During your interview, do not over fabricate your resume to impress the employer. Eventually, the truth will be shown. Be honest with the employer and express what your passion is. If you do not know what your passion is, then express your interest in the company, do your research on the company and reiterate to them that you have a great work ethic.”

What is the usefulness of re-educating a seasoned workforce?

“The workplace is evolving, technology is evolving. As a result, the workforce needs to evolve with the changes. With so many changes going on, it is best to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Companies are looking for highly motivated people with an outstanding work ethic. Surprisingly enough, this is challenging to find.”

How has a degree helped you succeed in your field?

“Although a Master’s Degree is not required in the computer science field, having an educational background has always put my resume towards the top of the list. Also, when being considered for management and technical lead positions, the focus is on the credentials.”

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