Today’s Grant Napear Show kicked off talking about both the Sacramento Kings game two nights ago as well as this weekend’s NFL match-ups. Grant gave his thoughts about the Seahawks game against the Saints and who he thinks will prevail as well as what Sunday means for Peyton Manning and if he’ll be able to beat the Chargers.

Grant also talked about the situation with Dennis Rodman and the fact that Rodman now says that he was drunk when he did the interview.

Later on Rudy Gay, forward for the Sacramento Kings came on the show to talk about his last game and how well he’s been playing recently and what the coach thinks of his play so far as well as the players only meeting that they had earlier this week and if they work and what it’s like.

Grant’s rant talked about the situation with Yasiel Puig and him now having his cousin drive him everywhere after the problem he had with speeding. Grant ranted about him only starting this now.

Grant also had Chris Sheridan of on the show to talk about the NBA and what he thinks about certain situations such as whether or not Demarcus Cousins is an all star as well as how teams like the Kings and Warriors are playing right now.


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