AUBURN (CBS13) — A lack of snow isn’t just bad for ski resorts—student athletes on snowboard and ski teams are also impacted.

The Placer High Hillmen aren’t letting that stop them from practicing at Boreal on manmade snow.

For Mark Faulkner, coaching his team to more championships might be more difficult given the warm, dry conditions this winter. He’s wondering if the team will be able to get in all six races on their schedule.

“There’s an inversion layer up here, and the temperature has to drop in order to make snow, so Mother Nature still has to cooperate just to make snow,” he said.

Practicing at Boreal, the team is using a shorter course with fewer lanes than in years past.

“On a good year, when everything’s filled in and the rocks are covered and the bushes are covered, the kids get a really long training course,” he said.

But for now, he says he and his athletes can’t worry about what’s out of their control.

The first race scheduled for Monday at Sugar Bowl was in jeopardy because of the snow situation, but Faulkner says all systems are go, and they’ll take it one race at a time.

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