Grant Napear kicked off the Grant Napear Show talking about the game tonight with the Sacramento Kings against the Orlando Magic. Grant talked about how he expects the team to come away with a victory considering the play of the team lately, especially against the Portland Trailblazers and Miami Heat. Grant also talked about this weekend’s match ups in the NFL and who he expects to win. Grant talked about the weather being a problem in Seattle and Denver and how it will play a factor, in his opinion, as to which team comes out with a win.

Grant had Brandon Lang on of to talk about the games this weekend and what trends to look for and whether or not certain match ups in the year earlier on matter. Grant talked to Brandon about not only the pro games but the national championship game and if that went the way Brandon thought it would.

Grant talked to Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network (@jeffdarlington) about the NFL as well and talked about the improved defense that the Panthers have with Luke Kuechly and whether or not Jeff thinks that Steve Smith will be able to play this weekend and if he’ll be able to make a difference against the San Francisco 49ers.

Grant’s Rant talked about the hiring of Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator for the University of Alabama. Grant talked about how Kiffin always seems to leave the places he coached worse than when he got there but always seems to get a better job afterwards.


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