Roxanne Langer, founder of Wine FUNdamentals, a wine edutainment and experience company, weighs in on education and starting a business.

(Photo Courtesy of Roxanne Langer)

(Photo Courtesy of Roxanne Langer)

What is your background?

“I have a B.A. and an M.A. from UOP. I did post-graduate work at Davis in the community education program for Viticulture and Enology. I also hold the higher certificate (pre-dates the diploma) from the Wine & Spirits Trust (WSET) out of the UK and am a certified sommelier.”

What advice would you give those looking to becoming business owners?

“Take advantage of the small business association and other groups like SCORE. Get as much information as possible prior to opening and realize that when you own your own company, unless you are highly funded, you will wear EVERY hat.”

How have your degrees helped you?

“They immediately helped me get in the door for various jobs and continue to help, now, with networking. Also, having a college education and an advanced degree gives one both a broader and more in-depth perspective of business and the world. The knowledge gained through my studies has also helped me realize that there is a whole world outside of California, the US, etc., which opens up the potential for even more business opportunities.”

Can you offer any advice to graduating students or job seekers?

“Practical advice…get on LinkedIn. It used to be that in order to get to ‘the executive or decision maker,’ one would have to go through the gatekeeper (secretary, assistant.) Now, with LinkedIn, the opportunity exists to go directly to the key person. Be professional, but let people know that you are trying to develop a network as a young career professional. People like to help recent grads.”

What is your opinion on re-educating a seasoned workforce?

“I think it’s a great idea. Education is a good thing, no matter how old a person is. I teach in the culinary department at the Art Institute in Sacramento and I see a lot of re-entry and re-education students. They realize that they can still have a great career ahead of them in a different field.”

Megan Bowyer is a freelance writer in search of the best food and drinks that Sacramento has to offer. You can find her at any number of dive bars or trendy restaurants; just look for the short blonde feeding the jukebox. Her work can be found at “


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