By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A constitutional attorney believes a move by the Seattle Seahawks to limit ticket sales of Sunday’s NFC Championship game raises a number of legal questions.

The team limited ticket sales to its game against the San Francisco 49ers to buyers with billing addresses in the northwest, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, shutting out Californians.

“Only the federal government can regulate commerce between the states,” said Carmichael constitutional attorney Jeffrey Kravitz. “It really is outrageous on every level.”

Especially since the Seahawks’ home field was built with Washington state public money and is owned by the public.

“There’s no rationale to say, ‘Well, tax revenue supported the stadium, so therefore only people from the state of Washington can go to the game,” he said. “They blew it by saying people in godforsaken Canada can buy tickets to the game, but Americans cannot buy tickets to the game.”

If he was in court, Kravitz would also call out Seattle for trying to take control of an NFL event.

“This is a championship game in which a trophy of the league is given,” he said. “The 49ers are a member of that league.”

It’s lawyer talk about a football game from a constitutional attorney expecting swift justice.

“They’re clearly discriminating against people from other states,” he said. “But in reality, they’re going to be punished next Sunday.”

Aside from the Seahawks, the Denver Broncos are also limiting ticket sales to keep out fans of their AFC Championship game opponent, the New England Patriots.

In MLB, the Washington Nationals also restrict ticket sales to rival Philadelphia Phillies fans.


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