VACAVILLE (CBS13) — A pastor accused of hiring homeless people to firebomb his ex-girlfriend’s home has been the subject of restraining orders in previous relationships.

Pastor Mark Lewis is facing charges of arson, conspiracy and stalking involving the firebombing at his ex-girlfriend’s house. He has yet to face a judge on those charges. Lewis claims he’s being framed by the three other suspects.

The ex-girlfriend allegedly targeted in Thursday’s attack faced a judge on Tuesday for a restraining order she filed against Pastor Mark Lewis before that incident.

But before that, Lewis was married to his high-school sweetheart, Joanna.

She committed suicide in 2011, something her mother says Lewis pushed her to do.

“We saw this confident, beautiful young girl drop out of college, quit her job,” Patricia Hunter said.

Hunter says from the beginning that Lewis was violent toward Joanna and often abusive. She says her daughter filed not one, but two restraining orders against him for domestic violence.

Now, with new allegations of domestic violence involving a different woman, it’s bringing back suspicions for Hunter about her own daughter’s tragic death.

“I’ve always thought that he’s been involved in some way,” she said. “Whether it was sitting on the sofa and watching her, telling her to do it, ’cause she’s no good. I don’t know.”

CBS13 has learned the investigation into Joanna’s death won’t be reopened.

But Hunter fears what might happen if she doesn’t speak up.

“I’m very sad that another young lady is going through this, and I guess our fear is that this will continue, and more and more people will have their faith destroyed, their lives destroyed, their hope destroyed by this one person,” she said.


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