STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton gang members were the target of an early-morning sweep to stop violence in the city as part of Operation Ceasefire.

Police believe there’s a gang feud in the city, so officers conducted a sweep to try and stop the violence.

Before sunrise, SWAT teams descended on 10 homes looking for gang members who may have played a role in a recent spike of shootings and a murder.

During the sting, seven people were arrested, four firearms—one reported stolen, two with illegal magazines—were confiscated, as were 34 pounds of marijuana, 137 ecstasy pills and a dusting of meth.

After searching two homes, officers discovered large bags of marijuana, ammunition and gang gear, and arrested a man.

Across town, police hit another home in a usually quiet neighborhood, officers found guns.

“These are loaded handguns, and they had extended magazine clips, which makes them illegal,” Officer Joe Silva said.

Officers can use the guns they find to check their evidence to see if they were used in recent shootings.

Officers were targeting those who have participated in call-ins, where police and community agencies met with criminals, offered them help and sent a warning.

“Part of Ceasefire, they are supposed to go back to their gang and spread the message that law enforcement is serious,” Silva said.

And those who didn’t listen to the message had an early-morning wakeup call from officers.

“Stockton Police Department and law-enforcement partners are going to come after you like we did this morning, and we will continues to do that,” he said.

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