SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS) — Virtual currency “Bitcoin” has created quite a buzz, and now the Sacramento Kings are the first professional sports team in the country to accept them.

On Thursday, the team announced they’ll allow fans to use Bitcoin to pay for tickets or team merchandise just as they would cash or credit card.

“Our fans are extremely tech savvy,” said Kings President Chris Granger. “They are those that are the first to adopt new technology, they are first in the community that are asked opinions about new technology. So we think among that group, this is gonna be a very nice way for them to do business with us.”

So how exactly does a Bitcoin transaction work?

“They can go to the store, they can use their mobile device. They will scan a QR code into their phone, with one click of a button, there will be a Bitcoin payment from the Bitcoin wallet to the team, and it’s as simple as that,” said Granger.

The Kings will allow fans to buy anything from their team stores with Bitcoin. While they admit not everyone will use it, Granger believes it may be how all transactions are done in the future.

“The world’s largest bookstore has no stores, the world’s largest cab company has no cabs, the world’s largest record or music store has no records or CDs. It’s interesting, we can all envision a world where the world’s largest currency has no physical notes,” he said.

Envisioning a new way to buy Kings gear is not the only new technology the team sees itself using. The Google Glass frames may be a new way for fans to interact with the team.

“How can you view the game from the experience of Scott Moak our announcer, to how can you view the game from [play-by-play announcer] Grant Napear’s point of view to how do you view the game from a coach’s point of view?” said Granger.

He says assistant coaches may also soon be wearing the data-feeding glasses to be able to break down plays and shots in real time. So if the technology can lead to more wins, more tickets can be sold.

And with the fan base re-energized about the team, the Kings will soon be leading the “NBA 3.0” revolution.

Bitcoins will be accepted as a form of payment by the Kings beginning in March.

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