SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento City Animal Control Officers made a rare rescue when they found Captain Winchester Truffflesnout.

The incredibly vocal pig should consider himself lucky that he’s been rescued.

Officer Jane Huggins with animal control says it’s not a call they get every day.

“He was in pretty bad shape,” he said.

That was an understatement. Captain Trufflesnout had apparently been attacked by some dogs, severely injuring his eye. With his owners nowhere to be found, this little piggy was rushed to the Front Street Animal Shelter.

“He had surgery,” he said. “He actually had his eye removed.”

But with help from the shelter, the amazing little oinking captain is going to survive his wounds.

Captain Trufflesnout is still getting used to living with one eye, and often walks in circles.

“Overall, he seems to be doing great,” Huggins said. “He’s eating like a pig.”

Officer Huggins says this is a reminder for future owners to do research before buying a new pet.

In the meantime, Captain Trufflesnout is heading to a foster home to get better.

It’s not clear if and when Captain Trufflesnout will be up for adoption.


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