GALT (CBS13) — A woman saved three people and a dog by stepping in and putting her own life in danger twice when two dogs got loose and terrorized a Galt neighborhood.

A pit bull and a German shepherd cornered two young girls on A Street on their way to school. Minutes later, the dogs would try to maul an elderly woman’s dog a few blocks away.

Kyoko Hay shows the teeth marks on her dog, Dolly, after the attack on their walk.

“They would’ve killed her, and killed me too, I’m sure,” she said.

She says if it wasn’t for Tiffany Ortiz, she and Dolly might not have survived.

Ortiz happened to be driving by and saw the elderly woman on the ground, her defenseless dog in the jaws of the pitbull.

“I was not going to watch them tear this dog to pieces in front of this little lady,” Ortiz said.

That’s when she leaped into action, pulling Dolly out of the attacking dog’s mouth.

It was a familiar scene playing out for the protective grandmother. Just a few minutes earlier, she stepped in and saved two little girls from the same two dogs.

“I’m like, Lord what is going on today?” she said.

By the time police arrived, the dogs had disappeared.

“Maybe the people that own them don’t even know that they got out and caused all this turmoil in one morning,” she said.

But she hopes the owners are watching and will start taking better responsibility of their animals.

“I know I did something good, and I could have got hurt, but at that point it didn’t matter,” she said. “There were people and a dog that needed help.”

The two girls weren’t hurt, but Kyoko injured her back and her dog had to get several staples.

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