SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s a legacy decades in the making as the grandson of the very first Sacramento State student will be attending classes at the university his family helped build.

Student number one, David Morse, passed away three years ago.

“My father was the finest man I’ve ever known,” said Matt Morse.

But his legacy will forever live on. Matt says his father was the first student enrolled at Sacramento State back in 1947.

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized what an outstanding achievement that was,” said Matt.

It’s an interesting story how David became number one. After seeing an ad in the local paper announcing the new university, Matt says his dad went right over there.

“He had to find out where it was,” he said.

The only problem was they weren’t even ready.

“They found this room with this man and a briefcase, and a woman who says ‘well, we’re starting Sac State but we’re not starting for two days, but if you’re here and that eager — we’ll sign you up,’ ” said Matt.

There was no lengthy application process.

“Just a yellow-lined piece of paper, his name and phone number,” said Matt.

Just like that, David became student number one; but that was only the beginning of his firsts on campus.

“He was involved in all parts of Sac State. Whether it was the colors, the song, the mission statement, he was on the ground floor of everything,” said Matt.

Since the first graduating class of 1949, millions have followed in David’s footsteps and now so will his grandson Grant.

“It’s big shoes to fill but I’m confident I can do it,” said Grant.

He is enrolled for the fall semester.

“He would be so proud, can’t even put it into words,” said Grant.

Grant hopes to keep his grandfather’s memory alive and is looking forward to walking in the same place his grandfather once walked decades earlier.

“It’s a good feeling. You can kind of feel his presence there and all that he’s done. It just feels like home, you know?” said Grant.

Grant plans to live at home while attending school.


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