By Cambi Brown

YUBA CITY (CBS13) – As football wraps up for the season, baseball spring training is just around the corner. But for many local guys, they’ve already been preparing for months.

“That’s a kid’s dream come true, is to sign with a professional baseball team,” said Dom Nunez.

Nunez signed with the Colorado Rockies right out of high school and is now getting ready for his first spring training.

“Four to five days a week, and just getting after it, and then after we get done here we go hit in the cages,” said Nunez.

Elite Fitness in Yuba City is where many local professional athletes, like Nunez, go to prepare themselves to impress their coaches.

“They’re going to get a workout at a very high level,” said owner Greg Howard.

Howard knows what it takes for these athletes to improve and possibly make it to the big leagues.

“Not all of them are going to go on to play to the next level; but if they do, we want to be able to give them the tools to be able to do that,” said Howard.

One of his most recent success stories is the Houston Astros’ Max Stassi.

“Just got to come back here and keep working, and working, and hopefully it pays off,” said Stassi.

These guys know before they get to compete on the field, they’ve got to compete for the job.

“I made it to the league last year and every year it’s a competition to get back,” said Stassi.

For the players like Nunez, who are just starting out, Stassi shows hard work can pay off.

“You can see that it’s reachable to get to where you want to get one day, and that’s what it’s all about,” said Nunez.

Nunez’s workouts with Howard won’t stop until the season starts.

“I’m really excited. I kind of got that baseball itch going right now and I’m ready for the season to start,” said Nunez.

Most of the players will report to either Florida or Arizona in the next six weeks.


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