Local candy giant Jelly Belly, which is known for exotic and imaginative flavors – some delicious (too numerous to count) and others kind of gross (barf and skunk spray), came out recently with two new flavors appealing more to adults.

The company introduced draft beer, and chocolate-covered Tabasco beans recently at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, according to Time. Bloggers at Foodbeast got their hands on some of the beer beans, but say while they do taste like beer, reviews were mixed.

Time says after much consideration, Jelly Belly decided on a German Hefeweizen ale flavor.

Will the beer beans become one of your top flavors? Foodbeast’s critics say probably not. Try them for yourself. Neither of the two new flavors have hit the shelves yet, but you can buy up a bag of the non-alcoholic beans here.

You can buy a box of the chocolate-covered Tabasco beans here. The inner tray of the box mimics the classic shape of a Tabasco bottle.

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