The Sacramento Kings announced today they’re going to include live video shot with Google Glass part of their upcoming game coverage.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, fans at the game and at home will be able to see live video from the vantage point of Slamson, Kings Dancers and sideline reporters via the device. Through software company CrowdOptic, the team can feed live video to the Jumbotron at Sleep Train Arena and to the broadcast feed for fans at home.

Although the announcement doesn’t mention Glass being worn by the players, the team released video on January 16 shot by players Jason Thompson, Derrick Williams and Rudy Gay using Glass during pre-game activities.

The first in-game Glass broadcast will be on January 24 against the Pacers.

Google Glass, which was made available in 2013 to a limited number of developers and consumers, is currently in a beta testing stage and not available for sale to the general public.

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