SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento R&B artist was hoping to gain fame performing with Lil Twist, but now the world is talking about his arrest with pop star Justin Bieber.

Khalil Sharieff was arrested for taking part in an allegedly drunken drag race. Police say both were intoxicated while he was in a Ferrari and Bieber drove a Lamborghini.

Urban Moonlite Records Clarence Muhammed says the run-in with the law could catapult his career.

“How did that happen?” he said. “You with Justin Bieber, and you were driving those type of cars, and you were going fast?”

Khalil grew up in Antelope and moved to North Carolina at the age of 13. Now he’s seen in orange, alongside one of the world’s most popular mugshots.

Local musician Uc Luv is a fan of Khalil’s work, saying he’s seen the 19-year-old perform, but he never knew he was hanging with the likes of Bieber.

“Nobody would’ve thought that he was that big on that level,” he said. “Didn’t know he was connected to be like that.”

Khalil got his start when his aunt posted video of him singing that went viral. Def Jam Records signed him at 15. They parted ways a couple of years ago.


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