Their musical career started on small stages singing with their mother. But on Sunday night, two Rosemont natives were part of the biggest show in the music business: the Grammys.

“They want to entertain and put a smile on peoples’ face,” said Waymon Logan, father of Grammy nominated artists.

Waymon is talking about his sons, Dominique and Darius Logan, who were nominated for a Grammy. We sat down with the parents of the brothers who made it to the world’s biggest music awards show.

“Dominique would say, ‘Dad’, the youngest one, he would say, ‘I got all these sounds in my head, so much going on in my head,’” said Waymon.

That was years ago in Sacramento before the brothers moved to L.A. to chase their dreams.

“I’m a singer and a songwriter,” said Tammy, their mother.

And what a big influence mom, Tammy, had on her sons. She’s had plenty of advice to give them because her sons are living the dream she had to put aside to raise them.

“I spoke to my husband one day and said, ‘I did all this work and didn’t do anything with it.’ He said, ‘don’t worry about, the boys will take it to another level, just watch,’” said Tammy.

And they have taken it to the next level, working alongside some of the best in the music business — something Darius and Dominique’s parents still can’t believe.

“I was like, ‘wow, the Grammys.’ I started thinking about it for a second and I still am thinking about it,” said Waymon.

Unfortunately the brothers did not win. But not only have the Logan brothers done R&B albums, they also wrote theme music for episodes of CSI.

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