The Grant Napeaer Show started off talking about the new designs of the Sacramento Kings’ new arena released last night. Grant talked about the look of it and all of the amenities and features that are being talked about and what he thinks of it. Grant also talked about the struggles that the team and the city has gone through over the years and how it’s nice to be at the point they’re at right now.

Grant also talked about the Kings recent struggles and the lack of depth that the team has had to deal with including injuries to Rudy Gay and Demarcus Cousins.

Later on Grant talked to Coach Michael Malone of the Sacramento Kings and when he expects both Gay and Cousins to return as well as the new renderings of the arena and what Malone thinks of it. Grant also touched on a few unrelated things like the Super Bowl and who Coach rooting for.

Grant also had on the Kings COO and President Chris Granger. Grant and Chris talked about the arena and what Chris has in store for the arena including small things like how the employees interact with the customers as well as how the arena will be designed so people walking around the hallways can still see the game.


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