It will be quite wet this week and through the weekend.

There is plenty of cloud cover leading in through the coast, but the rain won’t start later until later in the day on Wednesday. Cold air is starting to build up ahead of the rain.

Temperatures across California are 3 to 18 degrees colder on Tuesday morning. Winds are coming from the north at about 5 mph.

Temperatures are colder across the U.S. as well, creating a dangerous mixture of rain, ice and snow.

Tuesday: Things remain calm with a mix of clouds and sunshine.

Wednesday: The morning commute will be dry, then showers and colder air will begin later in the day.

Thursday: Morning snow will descend as low as 1,000 feet in the foothills – a first for this year.

Friday: There will be a lull in the action.

Weekend: A warmer-core system will come in, raising snow levels in the Sierra.


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