To begin the show Grant started off discussing Super Bowl XLVIII, and how bad the game was to watch as a fan of either team. Grant then took a few calls from people who were also disappointed about the game, Peyton Manning and his performance, and Percy Harvins amazing run back. Next, he touched on the fact that defense wins you games and how this game was a perfect example. Grant called this the worst Super Bowl since the early 90’s. The guest caller for today’s show was Bill Wennington. He is the current announcer for the Chicago Bulls, as well as a three time champion with the team. Bill says you can become a good defensive team with out good on the ball defense. Grant and Bill also talked about the talent on the Chicago Bulls, primarily Joakim Noah. They finished the discussion talking about the Deng trade and the future of the Bulls, which looks good. After Bill, the conversation went back to the Super Bowl and what teams might be going to the show next year. Grant feels that the 49ers are the team to beat because current trends show defending Super Bowl teams not fairing so well the following season. Grants Rant was about the Super Bowl pregame show, and how it had no place on the T.V., Bill O’reilly unnecessarily interviewed the President of the United States two hours before the Super Bowl and grilled him for no real reason other than for political gains. Grant said the interview was as bad as the Super Bowl game itself and shameful.


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