STOCKTON (CBS13) — Sick puppies were abandoned in a Stockton dog park, prompting the city to enact a quarantine.

The abandoned animals had Parvovirus and were exposed to children and other pets at the Weston Ranch Dog Park.

Jen May and her husband set out to save the life of one of the puppies, a 4-month-old they named Jersey.

“It was an awful experience, and I hope nobody ever has to go through it,” she said.

Parents and children arriving at Little League tryouts on Saturday morning noticed the puppies.

“Lots of kids played with them,” May said. “They were all over the park.”

All of the puppies went home with loving families. But a few hours later, it was clear Jersey was sick.

“We took her to the vet and found out she had parvo,” she said. Jersey would die the next day.

“How can you leave sick puppies in the park?” she said. “Obviously you knew they were sick.”

Fearing a parvovirus outbreak, animal lovers in the neighborhood started spreading word on the Pets of Weston Ranch Facebook page.

“The scary part is if you walk in there, it gets on your shoes and wherever you go, the virus goes,” said Tracie Gregg.

The virus affects the intestinal tract and can also damage the heart. Puppies can get a vaccine.

City crews closed the park and sprayed the area after consulting a vet. They don’t know when the park will be reopened.

The Mays say one of the other sick puppies is doing better. They hope the remaining dogs survive and families are spared the heartbreak.

“The fact someone was willing to drop sick puppies at the park is horrible,” May said.


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