SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Investigators are looking to see if the robbery of a wheelchair-bound student at American River College is connected to a similar incident CBS13 reported on last week.

Devin Johnson is happy to be using his iPhone again after a thief stole it right off his lap.

“If I couldn’t beat him up, the least I could do was send him to where he belongs,” he said.

The incident happened a few weeks ago as he was heading home hear American River College, where he attends school.

Johnson says two men approached him in his wheelchair, then one grabbed his phone and they both ran off.

“I can’t fight back,” he said. “I can’t follow you. What am I gonna do?”

But Johnson did some detective work of his own, he tracked his phone to a nearby home through the Find my iPhone app.

He and some fellow MMA fighters then paid the home a visit.

“Put the fear of God in him, and he just handed the phone over,” Johnson said.

On the phone were several selfies taken by the 17-year-old suspect that Johnson showed to police, who made the arrest.

Then he showed them to Blain Bowman, another wheelchair-bound student who was recently robbed of his iPad.

Johnson believes the same thief could be responsible.

“He wrote on his iPad, ‘Hey that looks just like the guy that robbed me,’” Johnson said. “You could see in his eyes that he was just really mad.”

We checked with campus police to see if the crimes are connected and if handicapped students are being targeted. They said they are investigating.

Police are not releasing the identity of the teen because he’s a minor. He’s been booked into juvenile hall.


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