Grant started off the show talking about the Kings game last night and how the team looked. Grant talked about how the team has looked like a more complete team since the trade and how well players like Demarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay and Isaiah Thomas have played together.

Grant talked about the officials and NBA players and how the players complain too much and it distracts from the game. Grant thinks that something should be done about that.

Later on Grant had on Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated to talk about the Kings game tomorrow against the Boston Celtics and what to expect from the game. Grant talked to Ian about the city of Boston and what the team’s goals are for the rest of the year and going forward as well as where the Celtics rank currently in the city of Boston among the major four leagues.

Grant also had on Ben Sosenko, Press Secretary for Mayor Kevin Johnson on the show to talk about having Adam Silver in the arena last night and what he thinks about the new arena and how the progress is going.

Finally Grant had on Dan Rusanowsky, play by play voice of the San Jose Sharks to talk about the team as well as the upcoming Olympics and what Dan thinks of the the games and what it means for the players that travel.


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