Fishermen Brave Rain On Russian River In Advance Of Ban

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SONOMA COUNTY (CBS) – All this rain likely won’t have an impact on fishing in local rivers. A Russian River fishing ban is still expected to begin later this month.

The river levels are so low that spawning fish are finding it impossible to go upstream to find a place to lay their eggs. But the storm didn’t stop Tyler Davis of Sonoma County from fishing in the river. He’s trying to get in as much as he can before the ban goes into effect.

“Well, after this rain it’s gonna take a few days. The water’s gonna get real muddy. Fishing will be tough, but if we get a good break, you know, a few days after the storm, it should be good. A lot of guys will be fishing their hearts out,” said Davis.

He says instead of a complete ban, fishermen should at least be allowed to catch and release.

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