SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The storm has brought flooding and damage to parts of the valley. CBS13 went out to some local places where were seeing the heaviest amount of rain.

“It’s amazing that everybody is OK,” said a midtown Sacramento resident Matt Ryan, after a 120-foot tree fell, missing a home.

The widespread valley rain fell steady all day, with little sign of letting up.

“I mean, who knows why it fell?” said Ryan.

But it wasn’t the wind or the rain that woke up Ryan in the middle of the night Saturday.

“Boom! It was like two freight cars booming together,” he said.

The boom was a cedar tree toppling because of the wind and the saturated ground. Amazingly, it fell in front of the homes instead of on top of them as the families slept inside.

“Missed their house, you know. Hit the front part of it and crushed their car…,” said Ryan.

The drive outside is a slick one, as the rains made visibility hard at times. But the commute was a challenge for people who live at an apartment complex off of Hollow Oaks Drive before they even hit the roads.

A puddle in the parking lot measured more than a foot deep in spots.

“I seen a couple cars get stuck,” said Lavelle Jackson, a resident at the complex. “It’s about a couple feet; about two feet maybe.”

After months without a storm like this, our area is finally soaked, and it’s not over yet.

“It’s great that we’re having it with the drought conditions that we’ve been having,” said Brian Greene, a Sacramento resident.

The heavy rain is supposed to continue, so drivers are urged to take it slow on the roads.


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